Everest Leadership and Team Simulation

Michael A. Roberto & Amy C. Edmondson


This award-winning simulation, developed in conjuction with Forio and Harvard Business Publishing, uses the dramatic context of a Mount Everest expedition to reinforce student learning in group dynamics and leadership. Participants play one of five roles on a team of climbers attempting to summit the mountain. During each round of play they must make a series of challenging individual and team decisions. The simulation evaluates performance for each individual and team upon completion, and it enables facilitators to engage participants in a lively and informative debriefing session.


New Venture simulation: The Food Truck Challenge

Michael A. Roberto


In this online simulation, students try to run a successful food truck in the city of Boomtown. Students work individually or in teams to achieve maximum revenue over 5 simulated weeks and win the "Food Truck Challenge." In each round, students make decisions about where to park and what menu item to offer in hopes of finding the best menu-location combination and yielding the highest sales.  The simulation offers important lessons about strategy formulation and decision making in turbulent, unpredictable environments.